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What do the real experts think about mobile phones?

The world is full of smart people in white coats who have equipment for measuring what the real effects electromagnetic radiation might have on the human body. In 20 years of research not a single reputable study has found any adverse health effects. In that same 20 year period the phones have become more efficient, use less power and the usage patterns are now radically changed. A lot of the time now phones are being used away from the head while the phone is used to send SMS's or to look up information on the internet.

The World Health Organisation is one such organisation who have extensively looked into this issue, and here is two of their findings that I encourage you to read:

If you are given studies whose findings are counter to the above findings then I strongly urge you to check the credentials of those funding or running the studies. You will find in 100% of cases they are funded by or run by those who have already convinced themselves that electromagnetic radiation is bad and will not listen to any other point of view - their fear has robbed them of their reason and it's any wonder their findings back up their fears. On the other hand the World Health Organisation is a well respected independent body with no allegiance to any country or corporation and they employ the best scientists in the world. Who should you believe?