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Dereel isn't a democracy?

According to D Breen of Dereel in the 12th of August edition of The Miner:
The majority has spoken

It seems obvious to me that D Breen doesn't understand what a democracy is. If he had his way then we'd only vote once for our prime minister and then it's decided forever because you can never change your mind and public opinion never changes over time. I don't think D Breen understands what a democracy is and is completely out of touch with modern Dereel.

The truth is Dereel changes over time, people move in, people leave and people's opinion change. In the last few years mobile communications have become more and more important. We've also learnt that Dereel is at extreme risk of being destroyed by a bush fire. According to D Breen you're not allow to change your mind, and if you do, well you have to leave Dereel. Well D Breen is wrong, you are allowed to change your mind and public opinion does change. If the majority now want a tower (as I'm sure they now do) then I suggest D Breen take his own advice and leave Dereel.