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Mt Mercer Wind Farm Update

If you haven't been on the Mt Mercer/Shelford road in a while you're missing some pretty impressive engineering being done nearby. Cranes are on site and they're getting close to erecting the first turbine (hopefully by the end of the month).

Keep up to date via the Mt Mercer Wind Farm Website or look out for monthly update flyers in local shops and cafes. I've included a copy of the August update below so you can have an idea of the quality information they are posting.

This wind farm is being built just 10km west of Dereel and will generate enough power to power all the homes in Ballarat.

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Update regarding Dereel's NBN tower

NBNco have indicated that construction of our tower should start next week (19th August, 2013). The one month estimate for how long it would take to do all the paperwork was ambitious but it will be good to see work starting on the site very soon.

In other news it appears Wendy McClelland has allowed the domain to expire, you can of course still read archives of her site on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine if you so desire.

The Courier is coming to see our support for mobile phone services

This Thursday (25th of July) The Courier will be attending a show of support being held at the Community Hall at lunch time (around 12 to 12:30pm). Obviously we already have a tower approved (the NBN tower) but if the community really pushes it while we have the governments attention we can get the mobile phone providers to colocate their services on the same tower.

I have it on good authority that the NBN tower is being built as quickly as possible and currently contracts are being made and signed before ground work can start but it won't hurt to make sure the mobile phone providers are ready to use it as soon as possible and that we get as much press as we can.

Show your support for mobile phone service in Dereel

  • Location: Dereel Community Hall
  • When: 12pm Thursday 25th of July, 2013
  • If possible tea and coffee will be available

Have your voice heard regarding mobile phone service in Dereel

Residents of Dereel that would like Telstra mobile phone service please send a letter to the Golden Plains Shire stating that you require mobile phone service (no need to go into details, a single sentence of "I want mobile phone service in Dereel" will suffice).

Post it to:

c/o Golden Plains Shire Council
PO Box 111
Bannockburn Victoria

or you can email your support to Jenny Blake (again simply state "I want mobile phone service in Dereel" with the subject "TELSTRA MOBILE SERVICE IN DEREEL").

I have of course forwarded the community support I collected back in 2010 but more support or reasserting your support isn't going to hurt.