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The Dereel Anti-Tower Alliance (DATA) make many false claims, here is where we document them and show the proof that they are wrong.

Please note: The Dereel Anti-Tower Alliance (DATA) have let their domain and website lapse so the link above is now a link to an archive copy as sadly the new domain holders have instructed to remove all copies of the old site (the "certifed crazy" logo and added header at the top are the only alterations). Dereel now has a fully operational NBN tower and mobile phone coverage. The "savedereel" team has disbanded (ironically saving Dereel from being stuck in the dark age). The "savedereel" team's prediciton that installing a tower would lead to the death of all bees, animals and pets in Dereel still hasn't come true and it's been over 5 years, so any day now? ... This page is now here just for posterity.

DATA says:

This is not about radio waves which have been around for decades and are used for radio communications. They are very weak in comparison and move across the land in even waves. Microwaves do not move in waves and have a far higher number of megahertz output. They are a different modulated pulsed signal coming out at you in bursts and a jarring effect. These are far more powerful and can penetrate buildings, people and most other obstacles in their way much more efficiently than radio waves ever could. The change over from the old analogue system in 1997 to the digital system was the beginning of this new technology, and the beginning of a new wave of health problems which are now showing up in cities and around towers.

Untrue. Radio waves is a term that describes a part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths longer than infrared light (i.e. frequencies less than 1THz) and microwaves are a further subset of this being radio waves of frequencies 110GHz to 140GHz. You can learn more from the Nasa Kids site. Especially the bit where they say exactly: Cellular phones also use radio waves to transmit information. So it is about radio waves. Also DATA are clearly mixing up power and frequency and seem to think that higher frequency means higher power. There is no such relationship, they need to learn some basic physics.

In Australia the frequencies used by mobile phones are 850Mhz, 900Mhz and 2100Mhz. These all fall into the area known as UHF (Ultra high frequency) which are frequencies between 300Mhz and 3000Mhz. This is also the range where the new Digital TV channels are (527Mhz to 820Mhz) and CB Radio’s transmit (476-477Mhz) which have been used for decades without any health impacts. These frequencies are not ever called “microwaves” and Wendy is saying microwaves to scare you but it is simply and completely untrue to say that mobile phones use microwave radio waves. Check it out for yourself. Wendy then goes on to claim that the change to “digital” mobile phone signals is what makes mobile phones unhealthy due to their “pulsed” nature (again a complete misnomer), but if this were true then why hasn’t the change to Digital TV made her sick? TV transmitters typically transmit with power around 500,000 Watts (by comparison a mobile phone tower typically uses 20 Watts) and the frequencies used are neighbours (Telstra use 850Mhz, Digital TV channels end at 820Mhz). According to Wendy’s logic Digital TV is “pulsed microwaves operating at powers inexcess of 25,000 times the power of mobile phone signals”, so why isn’t that making her sick? There are logical fallacies with everything Wendy McClelland says and just a small amount of research can uncover them.

DATA says:

The World Health Organization (WHO) should [not?] be considered an indepenedent research organisation for microwave radiation as the telecommunications industry and governments have a vested interest in it and wish to protect their industry. It has limitations and constrictions as to what research can be made public.

Untrue. The World Health Organisation is probably the most independent research organisation in the world. You can check their funding via their website and telecommunications industry funding is such a tiny amount of income it’s impossible to suggest that it would impact their scientific method. DATA are clutching at straws in an attempt to discredit over 20 years of research that proves no relationship between mobile phone signals and ill health.

DATA says:

The French, who blew the crap out of the Mururoa Atoll in the 1970′s even have controls on microwave radiation exposure and recognize the health problems. On 4/2/2009 the Appeals Court of Versailles upheld a previous finding that a microwave tower was causing health problems for residents so the Court of Appeals ordered it to be dismantled.

Untrue, the tower was not dismantled due to it “causing health problems”, it was dismantled because the telecommunications company didn’t file the correct papers. Just think logically about it, if it was because of health problems why hasn’t every single mobile phone tower in France been dismantled? Yet again, DATA are taking things out of context and trying to trick you in the hope you won’t use your own brain and think logically about what they are claiming.

DATA says:

Australian Neurosurgeons Doctors Vinni Khurana and Charlie Teo have gone public on TV several times pleading with the public to reduce their mobile phone and digital exposure saying ‘don’t radiate your brain’, ‘this is becoming the 21st century tobacco problem of the past’, ‘no-one has been able to come forward and show me where my scientific research is flawed’. They are the specialists who tackle brain tumour operations that other surgeons say are ‘too risky’.

Quotes taken out of context. Dr. Khurana and Dr. Teo only have concern with people who excessively use mobile phones, they have never put forward the notion that mobile phones shouldn’t be used and they both allow their own children to use mobile phones. Neither doctor have any concern with mobile phone towers, which is what we want in Dereel. If DATA truly believe what these doctors are saying then they simply need never use a mobile phone, they have no reason to block the installation of a mobile phone tower for the rest of the community.

DATA says:

John Patterson, a leading expert employed in the Telecommunications Industry, and manufactured this digital technology was sacked on the spot in 1997 when he revealed his devastating health findings in an Occupational Health and Safety report that ‘the measurement’ of radiation was a “dangerous occurrence”. This was the highest rated danger on the O.H.& S. scale and meant that by law the installation should have been shut down immediately.

Where’s the proof? There is no mention of his sacking anywhere I can find. At best this is hearsay, nothing more than a horror story told to children to scare them. Until DATA can provide evidence of the above statement they should retract it.

You should also be aware that John Patterson is a convicted criminal who stole and drove a tank around public streets endangering peoples lives attempting to bring down mobile phone towers and other public infrastructure - is this really the actions of someone you are going to trust?

DATA says:

A leading German Telecommunications Company T Mobil did secret testing of their microwave radiation in the year 2000. Their report (kept secret until recently) showed similar findings to independent research that the standards used by Governments for exposures to the public are thousands of times too high so don’t protect anyone.

How convenient: secret testing so there’s no evidence. Again absolutely no supporting evidence is provided and so it is nothing more than a horror story to scare you. I could make the claim that I heard that DATA members secretly eat babies and it’s just as true as the above statement.

DATA says:

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is recognized in law in Sweden and Canada as a sickness and disability, which enables their public to receive benefits for their debilitating health problems.

In neither country is it consider a medical aliment and in both it is treated by psychotherapists and not medical doctors – this should tell you a lot about what it is recognised as. Every single double blind scientific study has shown conclusively that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is nothing more than a psychological disorder. Not a single self diagnosed sufferer has been able to detect the difference between real and fake exposures to electromagnetic radiation, if the symptoms are real then their cause is certainly not from exposure to radio waves.

DATA says:

Mobile phone towers at Mt Buninyong and Smythesdale currently bring full strength digital signals to mobile phones around the CFA and open areas of Dereel. Consider how strong these mobile phone signals would be if you were living close to the towers. SOS calls to emergency services can still be made on mobile phones through the satellites when signals are poor. A new tower it to be erected at Corindhap.

Untrue. Mobile network engineers from both Optus and Telstra have told me directly that Dereel needs a tower to improve signal coverage and no amount of towers in any nearby towns will help, including one in Corindhap. Wendy McClelland is who is making these false claims and until such time as she can prove her credentials as a mobile network engineer with an understanding of radiowave propagation the above claims can not carry any weight. Also mobile phones can not make calls through satellites, only satellite phones can do that - whoever wrote this statement has absolutely no idea about mobile phones or mobile phone networks.

DATA says:

Haddon’s newly erected mobile phone tower is already causing residents health problems and they can no longer get radio reception as the powerful microwaves destroy the signal.

Untrue. I ask DATA to provide proof of this hearsay. In fact I live in Haddon and can confirm I have no health problems and my radio reception works just fine. That's not hearsay like Wendy spouts, that's a first hand account from someone living in Haddon. Wendy is a liar.

DATA says:

The nano fibre optic cabling is currently being rolled out by the Government. It is designed for extremely fast broadband services which are faster than wireless connections and replaces the old phone line connection. The other option is the satellite broadband connection, which are totally safe and faster than wireless connections. It will replace the old phone line connections.

Untrue. Firstly there is no such thing as “nano fibre optic cabling” and secondly NBN Co. have already confirmed that Dereel is not going to be connected to the NBN via fibre optic. In any case even if we were getting fibre cables this does NOT solve the problem of mobile phone signal coverage that we want for the safety of our community.

DATA says:

The wikipedia site is a non-authorative site meaning that anyone can post any information they choose on it without requiring them to have any knowledge on the subject.

Untrue. Wikipedia is heavily edited by experts in their fields and all statements need to have citations and proof. In many ways it is far superior to the baseless unfounded claims made by DATA. Wikipedia is recognised around the world as the most up to date and comprehensive source of information. DATA could learn a lot from Wikipedia.

DATA says:

If you care about the welfare of the Dereel community, including the animals and bird life, then we invite you to join our Alliance to keep microwave radiation towers out of Dereel.

Untrue. If you really cared about your community you would want us to have a tower even if you personally don’t want to use a mobile phone, if for nothing else just so that we can actually make emergency calls in times of emergencies.

DATA says:

There is already a mammoth sized lattice structure radiation tower of 60 meters high with antennas on top which was approved by the Golden Plains Shire in September 2010. This will be erected at the corner of Dark and Reservoir Roads, between Corindhap and Rokewood. This new tower will network with both the existing towers at Smythesdale and Buninyong meaning microwaves are pulsed from one to another. It will cover a radius of 30kms including Shelford. The electrical power transformer upgrade to that site has now been completed so the tower should be constructed soon.

Untrue. Wendy McClelland republished this lie on the 1st of December 2011, at that time the communications tower in Rokewood was not only physically complete it had been providing service to Rokewood for over a month. As we have already covered this tower has provided Dereel with zero improvement in mobile phone coverage. We expected this because actual educated mobile network engineers from both Telstra and Optus had informed us directly that the Rokewood tower would not improve coverage in Dereel. Even with this expert advice Wendy McClelland continues to spread the lies that the Rokewood tower will cover Dereel. This has now been conclusively proven false. Yet again Wendy McClelland has been shown to be either an outright liar, uneducated or both. Those of us who live in Dereel know there is a hill at the south of our town at Mellingtons Road because of this hill the tower at Rokewood is below our horizon making it impossible for this tower to work in Dereel.

DATA says:

The fact is if this radiation tower goes ahead it will adversely affect all living things around it including you, your cats, dogs, birds, livestock, pollinating bees, trees and plants, etc. which is all proven scientifically no ifs or buts that is a certainty.

Untrue. If it’s such a certainty then why haven’t these so called “adverse affects” had any impact on living things in Rokewood? Or Haddon? Or Smythesdale? Or Buninyong? Or Ballarat? Or Melbourne? Or in any of the thousands of towns and cities around Australia or the hundreds of thousands around the world that have communications towers? Nothing Wendy McClelland says is true, that’s the only certainty we have.


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