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Bee numbers exploding

If Wendy McClelland is to be believed (hint: she isn't) our bee population should be decreasing as they are killed off by "deadly pulsed microwave radiation". Well actually their numbers are exploding and they are producing more honey than ever. It appears nothing Wendy says adds up.

Bee breeding skyrockets in central Australia

Of course I'd expect Wendy to come back and make some bold claim that central Australia doesn't have very much "deadly pulsed microwave radiation", so here's a map of towers in and around Alice Springs (the town the story is about):

That's 236 official installations in Alice Springs known by the ACMA. I'm still waiting for a single bit of proof to back up Wendy McClelland's claim that communications towers "adversely affect all living things" because the real life facts clearly don't line up with Wendy McClelland's fairy tale facts.