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Write a letter to support the Dereel communications tower

The planning application for the Dereel communications tower has been submitted to council and if you would like to help ensure its approval now is a good time to write them a letter. I have spoken with the town planner in charge of the application (Amy Boyd) and she has informed me that anyone wanting to send in letters of support should do so before January 6th 2012.

I will be sending in to the council the petition results from this website as this communications tower is not just for NBN high speed broadband but it will also be used by mobile phone providers to give Dereel mobile phone service. If you signed the petition on this website rest assured that your wishes will be heard, but if you would like to reinforce your view I would suggest also writing your own letter of support.

The council prefer to receive letters via post (rather than electronically or by fax) so please send your letters of support to:

Amy Boyd, Town Planner
Golden Plains Shire Council
PO Box 111
Bannockburn Victoria 3331

The planning application reference number (which should be included in your letter) is: P11-334

Letters of support need to be received before the 6th of January 2012.

Edit: here is the notice from the Courier:

Footnote: Sadly I have learnt that Wendy McClelland is still attempting to stop our community getting a communications tower. This time she is trying to change NBNco's mind and switch to providing service to Dereel via fibre optic cables instead of wireless using a petition. This is a pointless move on her behalf as there is no fibre network connectivity anywhere near Dereel for such cables to uplink into. To get fibre optically connected to the NBN we would not only need more residents (there is a population threshold for such connectivity) but it also requires the NBNco Internet backbone running past our community - neither of these conditions are met for Dereel and so it is not an option for us unfortunately (believe me if I could get fibre optic cable running to my home I'd be extremely happy, but I am a realist and understand the limitations esp. as I have over 20 years experience with Internet networking having worked for many ISPs - unlike Wendy McClelland who clearly doesn't know what she's talking about).