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The editor has asked that digital versions of the Rokewood and district newsletter (i.e. our community newsletter) no longer be posted on this website and of course we will comply with those wishes unreservedly. You will need to pickup or organise your own copy to be delivered to you. There are no published details on where other pickup locations are (I only know of the one at Rokewood Take Away but I've been told they are also available at Dereel, Cape Clear and Napoleons but I have no details on exactly where - just a town name) or how to organise delivery but I'm sure if you call the editor she'll help you out. Maybe they'll post more details in the next edition.

I live in hope that the editor with the rest of the Rokewood newsletter committee will address the lack of a digital version of our community newsletter like Meredith and Bannockburn have already managed (for more than 2 years each). I can of course continue to offer the service free of charge on behalf of our community if the committee and our community want such a service.