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Planning committee unanimously recommend approval of the NBN tower for Dereel

We still need to wait for the application to be approved by the full Council meeting in 2 weeks time but it would seem unlikely that they would go against the recommendation of the planning committee and the large amount of community support for this tower.

The full council meeting is open to the public and anyone who is interested can attend and I urge any of you who are available at the time to attend. It is being held at the Bannockburn Town Hall (12 High St. Bannockburn) on Tuesday the 27th of March at 4:00pm. I know it's a difficult time being on a work day during normal working hours and school hometime hours, so rest assured that if you can't attend I will be there on your behalf.

Wendy of course did her level best to try and scuttle the application by accusing the councillors of being corrupt, liars, deceitful and part of a bigger conspiracy involving the government, NBNco and Powercor. Unsurprisingly the councillors did not take kindly to such unfounded allegations. In Wendy's 34 page objection letter she also made reference to "Some local people can be extremely gullible with no common sense or reasoning powers" so it appears she holds us all up in similar high regard. Is it any wonder she has no support on this issue? My only other comment on her objection is she made the claim that her democratic rights are being stood on. Now I was pretty sure the main tenet of democracy is that people vote and the majority win. According to Wendy democracy is her getting her own way even when she's the minority. I think Wendy is mixing up dictatorship with democracy.