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NBN tower delay: how much will it cost you?

On Tuesday the Golden Plains Shire Council will decide on whether to approve the planning application for the NBN communications tower. I have little doubt that it will be approved, and if there are no further objections, the tower could be up and running by the end of June.

But that seems unlikely. The "Dereel Anti-Tower Alliance" is likely to complain to the VCAT. I have little doubt that here, too, the complaint will be dismissed, but only after about 6 months. In that time we will have the same old network and telephone service.

How much will that cost us? For me, it's about $730. See my diary for more details. Nearly 100 households answered in favour of the tower; many more will benefit by it. So: do the sums. How much will the NBN save you? How much of these savings will you lose because of people tilting at windmills?