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Ordinary council meeting unanimously approves the Dereel tower

I attended the ordinary council meeting held in Bannockburn Shire Hall yesterday and can happily confirm that the planning application for our tower (P11-334) was approved unanimously (without any fuss or objection). Not a single objector bothered to attend the meeting. This decision of course could be disputed via VCAT (as Greg mentioned in a previous post) but it is extremely unlikely that VCAT would rule against our council's decision as it was both fair and legal. At worst a VCAT hearing may delay construction of our tower by a few months.

To any objectors reading this posting (all 5 of you): you may wish to think very carefully before lodging a VCAT application, from the VCAT website they state the following:
[...] costs are more frequently given to the successful party in unjustified applications for enforcement orders, requests to cancel or amend a permit and applications for declarations. Examples of cases where an order for costs may be made are where it can be proved that the proceedings have been brought vexatiously, frivolously, or where the case for the application or request is misconceived, weak on the relative merits or not tenable in fact or law. Private persons bringing such applications or requests should consider the desirability of taking professional advice beforehand.

It is my opinion that your objection is vexatious, frivolous, misconceived, weak on merits and not tenable in fact or law and could easily result in you not only losing your case but being required to pay costs of all parties. You may wish to sleep on this fact before lodging any VCAT applications. Just my 2c.