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Previous VCAT hearings about communications towers

I've been reading up on past VCAT hearings about communications towers that have been objected to by residents claiming "visual impact" and "health concerns". They can be found via the AustLII search page (search for "communications tower" or "telecommunications facility"). You will be pleased to hear that VCAT consistently approves the towers, four key points I see repeated are:

  1. There is strong State policy support for improved telecommunications facilities if, when balancing improved telecommunications services with environmental (including visual) impact, a particular proposal provides a net community benefit.

  2. The Commonwealth communications regulator adopts radiations standards established by ARPANSA. The Tribunal has consistently held it must apply this standard.

  3. The impact on adjacent land is not unreasonable.

  4. The facility has a net community benefit and is an acceptable planning outcome.


I find it difficult to believe that the very few objectors in our community will in any way be able to stop our communications tower being built. If you're interested I suggest reading the VCAT hearing regarding the Haddon telecommunications facility that was built recently in our shire.