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Wendy McClelland on Win News

UPDATE 29/1/13: Win News very politely asked that the video of their news story on the Dereel NBN tower be removed and so I have complied with this request. For those still interested in the content of the video I have transcribed it here:

A group of Dereel residents outraged over a proposed 40 meter NBN tower has taken its fight to VCAT. It says the potential levels of radiation are life threatening and argues the technology is not needed given most of the area has satellite coverage.


Wendy McClelland says she's been on a government disability pension for 10 years from over exposure to radiation.


They recognise that the radiation is a serious problem for me and I must keep away from telecommunications towers. Now they want to put a radiation tower near my property which will just about kill me.


She says she's forced to wear protective clothing in the vicinity of radiation. Chronic pain, nose bleeds and face swelling are just some of her symptoms. She has support in Dereel for a campaign to get NBNco to look elsewhere for a site to place its tower.


I'm not against progress... but I am against progress when it's at the cost of human life.


The CEO at the NBNco admits that you can't make a buck out here so it's not really worthwhile using wireless


The head of NBNco told a Sydney conference that its services would need to be heavily subsidised to make money in region centres. Golden Plains shire council say planners can't vary or dismiss government standards for electromagnetic radiation. It said the proposal is now in the hands of VCAT which will only consider ammenity and visual impacts.

The residents are pleading with NBNco and the council to recognise their concerns saying they are at their wits end. A date for the next VCAT hearing is yet to be scheduled.


The ABC have done a follow up piece:

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