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A new website framework

After almost 3 years it's time for a change. Wordpress has been an okay framework for this site but in recent times it has been attracting larger and larger numbers of comment spammers and hack attempts. Most recently websites running Wordpress have been put under enormous strain as hackers attempt to brute force login details. It has simply become too much work to maintain a Wordpress site with these constant attacks. So now we're moving to something more modern.

All the content for the Dereel community website is now hosted on Github and is compiled and deployed by a program called {:awestruct}. You can find out more details on the source code page.

I have migrated all the old posts, images and other content over to this new system. I have not yet migrated over the comments (I am still deciding how best to do it). I have done my best to ensure that URLs remain consistent between the old Wordpress and new layout but if you find any 404's please let me know (comment on this news post).

If you find a bug in the website please lodge it as an issue against the Github project.