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VCAT Hearing 24th of April about the Dereel NBN Tower

The VCAT hearing regarding our NBN tower went ahead on April the 24th at the Ballarat Magistrates' Court. It was scheduled to only go for the morning but due to Wendy taking far longer to present her case (and starting the day with some theatrics about there being too many mobile phones in the room) it ended up running the entire day finishing up at around 16:30 in the afternoon. The good news however is that the entire case was heard and all that remains now is for the chairman to visit the site of our tower and then to deliberate on what was said at the hearing.

Of course Wendy did herself no favours constantly harping on about electromagnetic radiation when the chairman made it 100% clear to her at the beginning of the day that that topic is completely irrelevant to his decision making. The expert witnesses put forward their points very well with one of them stating that the location of the Dereel tower is "one of the best locations for a telecommunications tower" he has ever seen and would consider it to be the perfect example for NBN and other councils to use when looking for further locations in the future.

The chairman said that he should publish his decision within 6 weeks stating that he does have a heavy workload at the moment (not made any lesser with 5 of these telecommunication tower planning applications just in this week) so there is a small possibility it could take a little longer than 6 weeks but he felt that unlikely.

In my opinion based on all the evidence that I heard I see absolutely no reason for the chairman to override the councils approval and instead he will reaffirm the planning application approval.