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The NBN is coming to Dereel

Good news everyone! I stopped into the VCAT offices this morning while I was in Ballarat to check if a decision had been made for our NBN tower (VCAT P1268/2012) and I was surprised to hear that it had and it was made in the favour of the applicants (i.e. Wendy has lost her objection). Basically our tower is now clear to begin construction. I was unable to get a copy of the order (as it is only available to directly involved parties at the moment) but the chairman re-asserted the councils orders to paint the tower and ensure that the base of the tower is kept neat and tidy (i.e. landscaped) and that the nearby (dying) large cypress/pine trees are kept (plus other requirements but none of them were surprising or onerous). Hopefully the full text of the order will be available on the AustLII website within a week or two. According to VCAT the decision was passed down on the 17th, so all parties should be aware by now.