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The Courier is coming to see our support for mobile phone services

This Thursday (25th of July) The Courier will be attending a show of support being held at the Community Hall at lunch time (around 12 to 12:30pm). Obviously we already have a tower approved (the NBN tower) but if the community really pushes it while we have the governments attention we can get the mobile phone providers to colocate their services on the same tower.

I have it on good authority that the NBN tower is being built as quickly as possible and currently contracts are being made and signed before ground work can start but it won't hurt to make sure the mobile phone providers are ready to use it as soon as possible and that we get as much press as we can.

Show your support for mobile phone service in Dereel

  • Location: Dereel Community Hall
  • When: 12pm Thursday 25th of July, 2013
  • If possible tea and coffee will be available