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Domain squatters put value on

After the Dereel Anti-Tower Alliance (DATA) let their domain ( lapse it appears domain squatters have pounced on it. Out of interest I contacted the domain squatters to find out how much they were asking for the domain (I would never entertain the idea of dealing with a domain squatter but I was interested in their valuation), here is the response I got:

The owner of this domain has responded with a asking price set at $1250 USD. To make an offer, reply to this email with the offer you would like me to present to the owner of the domain.

So it appears DATA were sitting on a little gold mine! Shame they abandoned it so quickly after losing their fight. Of course now that DATA have shuttered their website it's difficult to get updates about them so if you have any news on what DATA is up to these days please post it below in the comments - I'm sure we're all very interested. Lets hope they join twitter one day.