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About Dereel

Quick Info

Below is a lot of geeky information on how you can directly edit/change the content on this website. I fully understand that not everyone will be able to perform the tasks below so if you have some news or updates that you want posted on this site the easiest way is to email the details to me at and I'll be happy to help.

Source Code

The entire source code for this website is available at:

How to checkout and run your own development version of this website

  1. Install rvm
  2. Checkout the dereel website from github: $ git clone
  3. Move into the repo $ cd
  4. Update the rvm environment by following any instructions rvm tells you (e.g. installing ruby)
  5. Update the gems $ rake update
  6. Run a development instance of the website on your system: $ rake

Now browse to http://localhost:4242 to view the development site or replace localhost with the address (IP or hostname) of your development server.

How to submit content

After checking out the dereel source code create a file in the news/ directory using the following format:

Where YYYY is the current year and MM and DD are the month and date 0 padded. Then in that file put the following contents:

layout: post
title: My more fancy title
author: Your Name
My excellent post written using the [markdown]( markdown language.

You can replace the extention of the file (.md) with .html.haml if you want to use haml or .html.textile if you prefer textile markdown. Also be aware that the text between the --- lines is YAML and so you will need to put text containing : in quotes (") and if you do that then escape any "'s

Once you've created your post file add it to git (assuming you're in the news/ directory):

$ git add

Now launch the development server and check that the file compiles and renders correctly, this needs to done from the top of the repository (ie. one directory above news/):

$ cd ..
$ rake clean && rake
  [ browse to http://localhost:4242 and check you post ]

Once you are happy with your new post you can submit it back into Github (after I've added you as a collaborator) where it will be deployed the next time the website is updated:

$ git commit -a
  [ add a short description of the change, e.g. "add news about ___" ]
$ git push
  [ enter your Github username and password ]

After this is complete I will receive an email notifying me of the commit and I will endevour to deploy your change to the server as soon as possible.

Getting added as a Collaborator

Simply send me an email ( requesting to be a collaborator and tell me what your Github username is. You can of course fork the Dereel project and submit your changes to your own fork and then send me a pull request to merge them.